Pizzelle Recipe (Cirila Simerly)
15 AUG 2017 Pizzelle Recipe Description
Servings Prep Time
30Pizzelle (Maybe more, depends how many you eat while baking) 15minutes
Cook Time
30Min (1 per cookie)
Servings Prep Time
30Pizzelle (Maybe more, depends how many you eat while baking) 15minutes
Cook Time
30Min (1 per cookie)
  • 1stick butterI prefer unsalted, but either works. Melt this before you begin.
  • 4ea Eggs
  • 0.5Cup SugarI used Pure Cane Sugar, but Tita Cirila’s regular sugar worked great also.
  • 1Cup FlourMinimum. Most recipes will use 1.75 cups for this batch. (For harder cookies use more flour). I made a batch with both gluten free and regular flour. Both turned out great.
  • 3tsp Anise ExtractThis is the secret ingredient! Tita Mary says put some in your coffee while you’re baking. Yum!
  • 3tsp Vanilla ExtractOptional, but it worked great in our recipe.
  1. This is our setup. First we melted the butter and mixed the whole egg (Yoke and whites) into a small mixing bowl. Mix until not clumpy.
  2. Turn on the Pizzelle iron. Remember, these don’t get cleaned like normal items in your kitchen. We only wipe them down with paper towels. You want this to heat up while you’re mixing the batter. Get it good and hot before you begin, but don’t burn yourself. I did. Don’t be like me.
  3. We added sugar and continued mixing. Add the Flour and Mix until homogeneous. Our batter consistency was roughly that of honey. If you want harder cookies, use more flour. (Or you can cook them longer. Your call. If you use more flour, you have a higher yield)
  4. (Tita Cirila’s Pro-tip) Use small bowls. This makes it easier when we are ready to make the Pizzelles from the batter. Pictured here is Tita Cirila Simerly and Gracie Simerly.
  5. We used about a table spoon of batter (1.5 to 2.0 inches) to make the 4″ Pizzelles. If you use too much batter, you’ll have run over the sides and that’s not bad, but makes for a difficult clean up.
  6. Timing the Pizzelle. Some of the irons you can buy have fancy timers with them. I used a watch and for softer cookies used about 90 seconds. About 2 minutes for firmer ones. Tita had me checking them about every 30-45 seconds because cooking times varied based on how fast I could get the batter from the bowl to the cooking iron.
  7. Finished Product, a 4″ Pizzelle. Yum! For the recipe on the card (4 eggs, 1c flour) we made about 30 pizzelles, but it might have been more like 40 if we didn’t “Taste test” every couple cookies.
  8. 16 August 2017 Baking Crew Cirila, Mary, Gracie, Jamison, Chris
Recipe Notes

Pizzelles are an Italian cookie that I fondly remember from family celebrations from Birthdays to X-mas!